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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Do I Need to Provide a Fire Extinguisher for My Rental?

The topic of fire safety in your Lakeview single-family rental house is an essential one. As an investment property owner, you want to know that your property is not only safe and in good condition but that you have good fire prevention measures in place as well. A good number of property owners acknowledge the benefits of having smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in their rental homes and make sure to maintain them every year. But what about fire extinguishers? Fire extinguishers are good to have in your home, even though not many laws require property owners to provide them.

As a property owner, you already know that obeying all state and local regulations is key to keeping your rental home safe and profitable. Regardless, the most effective property owners don’t just follow the letter of the law. You need to weigh things out in order to do what’s best for you, your tenants, and your investment. Whatever it is to make your property safer and easier to rent to quality tenants, pursue that. A significant example of that would be to install fire extinguishers in your rental homes.

When used promptly and accurately, fire extinguishers are proven to help prevent property damage and personal injury. Tenants can generally contain household fires if they are only equipped with the right tools to deal with these situations. There are a lot of fire extinguishers intended to put out different types of fires. The common fire extinguisher selected for general household use will do the job. When picking an extinguisher for your rental properties, go for one that is light enough to lift, aim, and spray easily. Because of this, general-purpose, user-friendly models are the best choice for rental properties.

Along with tenant education, installing at least one fire extinguisher in your Lakeview rental could greatly protect your property. The National Fire Protection Association reports that there are more than 355,000 residential fires in the U.S. every year, causing $6.9 billion in property damage. Even if you assume that your insurance will help you repair or replace your rental home in the event of a fire, that usually doesn’t include the lost rental income or the higher insurance premiums you are likely to pay after making a claim.

Beyond that, fire extinguishers can save lives. Household fires cause an average of 2,600 deaths every year, as well as over 11,000 injuries. As a property owner, your tenants’ safety while they are in the rental home is your concern and duty. When you teach your tenants how to respond to a fire, and equip them with the right tools to extinguish small fires, you make sure that no lives are lost in your rental home.

Providing fire extinguishers to your tenants has other benefits. When you provide fire extinguishers to your tenants, you are essentially telling them that you care for their safety — not just for the sake of the law. This leads to the building of good rapport with your tenants, promoting responsibility for property maintenance, and maybe even encouraging them to stay longer in your rental house. All of these can lead to higher long-term profitability for your rental.

Along with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers are an essential part of any property owner’s tool kit. Nevertheless, there are many ways to create safe and appealing rental properties in Lakeview. Would you like to learn more? Contact our team today online!

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