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8 Easy Ways to Prevent Pests

A Common Mouse on the Kitchen FloorYour Lincoln Park rental home should be free from pests. Yet, some insects, rodents, and other pests could still find a way into your home. Lucky for you, it’s possible to keep your home pest-free! Pay attention to some pest control tips and you’ll surely make your home safe and free from critters.

Clean Up

Making sure that your home is clean is to ensure that there is little to no chance of a pest infestation. In case you didn’t know, different types of pests are attracted to food, dirt, clutter, and crumbs. Make it a point to keep clutter to a minimum and wash your dishes every day. It’s also important to vacuum and sweep your floors and wipe up any spills immediately to keep pests away.

Keep Food in the Kitchen

It’s quite likely that food is the biggest source of common household pests in your home. If you find yourself eating in different parts of your home, you could actually be opening up yourself for an infestation of rodents and insects. It’s best to keep all of the food in the kitchen and to wash your dishes as soon as possible.

Store Food Properly

Keeping food in the kitchen also implies storing it in air-tight, sealed containers. It’s not unusual for common household pests to be drawn to open food packages. It’s the same when you leave pet food containers open. To keep pests out, be sure to use sealable bags or plastic storage containers for all food, whether in the pantry, cupboard, or fridge.

Keep Recycling and Garbage Under Control

Rodents and insects love garbage. More often than not, they also thrive in recyclables — especially empty food containers. Keep those pests far from your property by consistently cleaning out those garbage and recycling bins. You can do this by having your trash picked up weekly.

Put a Lid on It

An open can of garbage is a direct invite for pests to come and explore. If you have outdoor garbage or recycling bins, keep pests away by ensuring that your bins have a tight-fitting lid. By keeping the lid on, you are avoiding the likelihood of inviting those pests!

Prune Foliage Near the House

While it’s true that food sources attract pests, so do plants. This is why you should prune any shrub or tree that is in direct contact with the sides of your house. By leaving some space between your foliage and the house, you can prevent pests from using branches and leaves to find their way inside.

Eliminate Standing Water

Are there any puddles on your property? Or any container that might collect water over time? Empty them so as not to give any insect a place to thrive. Topsoil can be used to fill concave areas that usually collect water. Adjust the sprinklers, too. This will help keep those mosquitos and pests away from your home.

Good Property Maintenance

A pest-free house is one that undergoes regular property maintenance. The landlord should always be informed of any issues in gutters, window screens, and even water leaks. All of these small but essential steps will help keep a home free of pests.

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