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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Make Sure Your Lincoln Park Tenants are Staying Clean

Lincoln Park Messy KitchenAs a property owner, it is best to inform the tenants that they are also responsible for keeping your Lincoln Park rental property clean. This is because the value of your property increases if the overall condition also increases. But some tenants do not do their share of cleaning and property maintenance. If you don’t check up on them, you may not know that cleanliness is an issue until it becomes a much bigger problem.

Regular property inspections should always be performed, as they are an important part of the property management process. But like many other aspects of owning rental properties, some approaches to property inspections are more effective than others. Knowing why inspections are important, how to create and carry out an inspection schedule, and how to talk with your tenant about cleanliness are all things that a successful property owner needs to know.

Performing regular property inspections is important for the following reasons: You can gather valuable insight if the tenant upholds the terms of the lease and also catch developing problems early on. Some tenants may have different ideas about cleanliness. A dirty house or a yard may not be a concern to some. In fact, these same people may believe that when it comes to home cleanliness, this is none of your business. This is absolutely false. If you don’t clean your dirty house or yard, serious problems can come about like structural damage, bad odors, pest infestations, and more. Catching repairs early can save you from expensive repairs down the road and keep the security deposit untouched.

Since property inspections are important, they must be done in an organized way to get things done right. As a property owner, you have several different kinds of inspections in your property management toolbox. The move-in inspection can help you establish a baseline for your property’s condition, helpful if you need to assess wear and tear or property damage later on. Then there are the drive-by inspections that allow you to check visible issues with the property’s exterior, as you pass your rental property.

But regular inspections are considered as the most important inspections for safety and cleanliness for a property’s interior. There is no rule that sets the number of inspections per year. Property owners differ from each other, as they often do not have the same schedule for inspections. Some do it annually while others check on the rental house every three or six months. Annual inspections are a common choice and make both parties happy. Property owners can get an accurate assessment of the property’s condition and tenants are spared the undue hardship.

Remember not to inspect the property too often as your constant intrusions can frustrate your tenant. But frequent visits may be necessary if, upon your previous inspection, you find cleanliness problems. Do this until you are reasonably sure that your tenant is keeping your property clean. The same is true if you discover a tenant with an unauthorized pet or unauthorized people. For every inspection, it is important to document everything you find in photos and writing.

Discussing cleanliness inspections with tenants may seem tricky but it doesn’t need to be. One way to manage the tenant’s expectations about property inspections is to add an inspection schedule in the lease. Proper notice must be given before you enter the property and your tenant must be fully aware of the purpose of your visit. Establishing good communication with your tenant can make your property inspections much easier for everyone, and help you check the property as needed.

If there is a request for the tenant to clean up the property, this should be done in writing. When a detailed list of tasks is given to your tenant, they would exactly know what you expect from them because the requests are clear. You may also include photographs since this will create a strong paper trail in case the need arises.

When regular property inspections are done appropriately, the routine builds a habit and familiarity with the tenants when keeping your rental property clean. And, when your tenants know that this is one of your main priorities, this gives them a strong incentive to keep your property tidy.

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