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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Satisfy Your Senses with Ideal Sleeping Spaces

View of a Modern and Creative BedroomA clean and comfortable bedroom is essential to a good night’s rest. To feel truly at home as a renter, it is important to create a bedroom sanctuary of your own. Most people spend a lot of time – almost one-third of your life! – in their bedroom. Hence, if your room isn’t fostering an atmosphere of peace or relaxation, you might want to make some changes to address that. Convert your bedroom from plain and boring to fun and exciting. If you don’t know-how, you can always turn to the internet for an unlimited number of ideas!

One thing to take note of, though, is that while a lot of bedroom updates require no landlord approval, there are a few that might. So, best to check with your landlord about it first. One of the best no-approval-required places to start to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing bedroom is with your bed. One of the ways you can turn your bedroom into a place of relaxation is to find yourself a good mattress, sheets, and pillows. These are essential to a good night’s sleep. If your mattress isn’t as comfortable as it used to be, that’s probably because it’s already old. Usually, if a mattress is seven years old or more, it’s due for replacement. If you can’t afford to immediately replace it, consider adding a plush mattress topper. Don’t skimp out on your pillows! Make sure you replace them when they start to feel worn and uncomfortable. As far as your sheets, if they’re polyester, you can swap them out for a nice cotton set. Cotton breathes much better and can help keep you comfortable all night long.

Naturally, the most comfortable bed is only half of what provides relaxation; the other half comes with a bedroom that’s just as pleasant as the bed inside of it. Refine your bedroom’s appearance by really making it your own. Customize freely, so that you can obtain an attractive, personalized space. If you have unused items or clutter, clear them out of the bedroom. A space that is clean and organized helps relieve stress. Get your bedroom ready by putting everything back to its proper place. The organization is key to relaxation.

Any space (even a rented one) is given visual appeal and personality when it is decorated. One way of doing this is by placing photos or artwork on your walls. This adds color and visual interest to your home. Further release your inner creativity by sprucing your bedroom with colorful bedspreads, heaps of pillows, or accent lamps. Don’t worry, these updates don’t require your landlord’s approval! If your bedroom has a large wall, try adding a colorful quilt or other items to add warmth and liven up your space. There are multiple ways to tailor-design your home without making any lasting changes. For example, you can add curtains or rugs. Blackout curtains can help eliminate outside light while adding a houseplant can help freshen up the air.

Of course, there are more permanent ways to personalize a bedroom. However, landlord approval should be obtained in writing before attempting to do so. Such as, adding a simple border to your bedroom walls. Or even something more extensive like painting an accent wall or adding a chair rail and paneling. Also, should you feel the need to install shelving or other fixtures on the walls, seek the approval of your landlord before moving forward, since the installation might leave obvious and permanent changes to the house. These are just a few suggestions to help you reach your goal of building your ideal sleeping space. However, prior to committing to anything, remember to ask for permission. A good rule of thumb is that anything you add that cannot be easily removed, damage-free, generally requires pre-approval from your landlord first.

Finally, good ventilation and airflow are essential for making your bedroom more comfortable. This requires an HVAC system checkup and prior landlord approval, in most instances. A small but important detail nonetheless, if the house does not already have one, ask your landlord to allow you to install a ceiling fan. Just remember that if you plan to make such changes yourself, any electrical work must be performed by a licensed electrician. Freestanding fans, air purifiers, diffusers — these are a few choices you can choose from if you think that a permanent installation isn’t for you. These can help circulate and freshen the air in your bedroom and keep you deep in restful sleep.

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