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Memorial Day Parties: 3 Things Every Evanston Landlord Should Know

Evanston Family Celebrating Memorial DayAll around the country, people eagerly anticipate the arrival of Memorial Day and the promise of summer that it brings. Over time, Memorial Day has become a time to hold a barbecue or gather with family and friends. Your residents will most probably celebrate Memorial Day with a social event of some kind.

When discussing gatherings in your Evanston rental homes, it’s important to know what can be done to keep things under control. Learn the three most important things landlords must know about Memorial Day parties in their rental homes.

1. Put It in the Lease

It could be a challenge to make sure that your residents’ Memorial Day events do not become large gatherings that increase the risk of damage and liability. How many people are considered too many for your rental home? Can (and should) you try to restrict your residents from consuming alcohol? What is your policy about residents grilling or building fires in the yard? The answers to these questions can help you define the limits of your resident’s parties before they ever happen.

The maximum number of party guests, noise levels, and other details can all be addressed in your lease documents. Your lease documents should explicitly limit the number of people allowed on your property, with larger numbers requiring special permission. The specific number may vary, but “no more than 10 for fewer than four hours” is a common option.

2. The Do’s and Don’ts of Alcohol and Grilling Policies

Parties usually involve the consumption of alcohol. Since you can’t legally prohibit alcohol consumption, it is important that you use specific language in your lease about illegal activities, and have clear and specific consequences of allowing such activity on your rental property.

If residents want to grill or otherwise have open flames on the property, the lease should have already explained the rules and safety issues related to fire. Even quality barbecue grills can become a fire hazard if misused, so your lease language should clearly state if these are allowed or not.

3. Renters Insurance and Renters Legal Liability

Always ensure that your residents have their own renters insurance. If ever a large event does occur on the property, the possibility of damage and injury increases considerably. If damage or injury does occur, you could be held responsible unless residents have their own insurance coverage.

In regards to any party or social gathering at this time, please keep in mind the current recommendations by the CDC. Many places in the U.S. are opening back up. However, most areas still restrict gatherings to a certain number of people. Always remind your Evanston tenants to be mindful of current restrictions within their city or state to keep themselves and your community safe.

Protecting your property entails diligence in enforcing the terms of the lease agreement. If a party gets out of hand and loud, destructive, or illegal activity is taking place, always act promptly and decisively to hold your residents accountable.

You do not have to do all of this by yourself. At Real Property Management Chicago Edge, we will monitor activity in the residence and help you craft lease documents designed to keep party plans within acceptable limits. You can contact us or call us at 773-904-7700 for more info today!

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