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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

How to Know if You’re Buying a Good Rental Property

Lakeview House for SaleProcuring a Lakeview rental property can be a terrific investment. In order to make sure that your property will give you the returns you are looking for, there a few things you should look out for. Some single-family houses make better rental properties than others. Certain properties have profit potential while others don’t. It’s best to look at specific qualities of these particular investment properties so that you can get your hands on a property that will yield returns. Look for these qualities and you will surely find yourself a property that is a good investment.

One quality you need to look for in a rental property is its location in a market. For the most part, profitable rental homes are found where there is a demand for rental houses — in growing real estate markets. The location of the property will also decide matters like your tenant pool and rental strategy.

Other details to look for are a strong local job market, low crime rates, and future development plans. Also get as many details as you can about nearby amenities, public transportation, and features of the property that might be trendy or in-demand. To maximize the return on your investment, first, get to know the trends of the local market before you make the purchase.

With a property location comes the price. When looking for a rental property, make sure you consider your budget, and that the property is priced at or below market rate. When calculating the property price, don’t forget to include things like closing costs, repairs, and insurance. When you find yourself with leftover cash reserves, you’ll know that you’ve found yourself an affordable rental property.

Also, the lowest priced property may not necessarily be the best. If the property is priced well below comparable properties in the area, it’s wise to ask why. It’s likely that you’ve found yourself a great bargain and instant equity!

One other thing you need to be mindful of when choosing a rental property is cash flow. A favorable rental property will routinely put up a strong positive cash flow. Put differently, you should be earning a profit beyond your property expenses every month. To assess whether a property will provide positive cash flow, you’ll need to do a rental property analysis. Make a mental note for property-related expenses, and don’t forget a single detail! If, after you’ve done all the math and you’re convinced that your property still generates positive cash flow, it’s quite possible that yours is a good rental property.

Part of calculating your numbers will undoubtedly include the cost of any repairs and maintenance. All single-family houses require regular maintenance and repairs. Nevertheless, don’t be careless; there are shady sellers that might not reveal any major issues that might cost you resources and time. If your residency is a bit far from your rental property or doesn’t have experience with home remodeling and repair, be sure to include property management costs in your calculations.

Even though it seems alluring to try and control your own investment property, it is more practical to hire a professional property management company, such as Real Property Management Chicago Edge, to do it for you, especially if it’s your first time to do anything like it. Make a detailed breakdown of costs, including monthly fees, all so that you can include them into your working budget.

In making use of these qualities, you will be able to examine and consider which properties make for good investments.

The next rental home is waiting for you. All that’s left is for someone to help you manage it! Real Property Management Chicago Edge is here to help! Contact us online or give us a call at 773-904-7700.

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