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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Top Pet-Safe Houseplants

Indoor Cat Playing in a Spider Plant
Houseplants can contribute natural beauty to any Berwyn rental home. However, if you do own pets, it’s essential to select [...] Read more

When Eviction is The Wrong Call

Stressed Lincoln Park Property Manager on the Phone
As a Lincoln Park landlord and rental property owner, evictions are sometimes necessary. However, when you encounter a difficult tenant, [...] Read more

Ways to Stay Warm this Winter

Berwyn Tenants Staying Warm and Cozy in their Rental Home this Winter
The automatic response to cold weather is turning up the thermostat. Nonetheless, super-heating shouldn't be your only choice to stay [...] Read more

8 Easy Ways to Prevent Pests

A Common Mouse on the Kitchen Floor
Your Lincoln Park rental home should be free from pests. Yet, some insects, rodents, and other pests could still find a way [...] Read more

Tile, Hardwood, or Vinyl?

Man Installing Berwyn Flooring
There are lots to choose from when it comes to flooring materials for your Berwyn single-family rental property. Flooring types [...] Read more

Making A Plan

making a plan

  Making a Plan While in the rental property purchasing phase, your priorities are location, location, location. But after acquiring […]

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Maintenance Expenses

maintanence expenses

  Get Those Maintenance Expenses Back on Track! When a marital relationship is in a state of disrepair, oftentimes the […]

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Eviction Protection

eviction protection

  Eviction Protection That Parallels Witness Protection Most Americans are familiar with the Witness Protection Program offered by the federal […]

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Hassle Free Evictions

hassle free evictions

  Hassle Free Evictions Dealing with evictions is an unfortunate part of doing business in the Chicago investment property industry. […]

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Two-year-olds and Tenants

two-year-olds and tenants

  Two-year-olds and Tenants: Avoiding Tantrums in Your Investment Properties Let’s be honest: some people are about as easy to […]

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Roommate Effect

roommate effect

  Roommate Effect: Good News for Real Estate Investors Are you an investor or rental property owner who is worried […]

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Generation Rent

  Millennial Generation Now Being Referred to as “ Generation Rent ” As the rising generation delays many life changing […]

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Secret Services

secret services

  Our ‘ Secret Services ’ Give Other Chicago Property Management Companies a Run for Their Money Are you one […]

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Know Their Neighbors

know their neighbors

Encouraging Tenants to Know Their Neighbors May Lead to Safer Neighborhoods for Chicago Investors Nextdoor is one of the newest […]

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What Do Millennials Want?

what do millennials want

Chicago Property Owners Ask What Do Millennials Want? As the millennial generation is changing the way America looks at renting […]

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Rising Rental Home Rates

rising rental home rates

Rising Rental Home Rates Good Sign for Chicago Real Estate Investors Rental Statistics Report Released Shows Rent, Vacancy, and Saturation […]

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Inspections 101

inspections 101

Chicago Property Management Inspections 101: Why Inspections Should Be Conducted on a Regular Basis It’s no secret that Chicago property […]

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Good Tenants

good tenants

Wanted: Good Tenants for your Rental Units     Chicago property management can tell you that one sign of a good […]

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Generation Rent

generation rent

  Across the Nation, ‘Generation Rent’ Chooses Not to Buy For Different Reasons Chicago Property Managers Continue to Study Why […]

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Choose to Rent

choose to rent

Trending: Millennials and Boomers Choose to Rent Trends show that more millennials and baby boomers choose to rent rather than […]

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7 Keys to Eviction

The 7 Keys of Eviction Many property management customers come to Real Property Management Chicago with a tenant problem. Generally […]

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Spring Means Inspections


Spring Cleaning Means Rental Property Inspection After months of cold weather and a dark winter, we often get the itch […]

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Risks of DIY Rental Management


Risks of Do-it-yourself Rental Management DO-IT-YOURSELF RENTAL MANAGEMENT—IS IT WORTH IT? Among Chicago property management companies, you’ll hear a similar […]

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Rent Ready Properties

rent ready

Is Your Rental Property Rent Ready? By purchasing your first home you want to rent out, you have entered a […]

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Road Runner or Coyote?

property manager

  Are you the Road Runner or the Coyote? When it comes to Chicago property managers, there are two types: […]

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Tenant Screening New Look


  The New Look of Tenant Screening According to Real Property Management Chicago Edge, tenant screening for Chicago is about […]

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Inspection Musts


  What to Inspect When You’re Inspecting: The Importance of Conducting Regular Inspections Inspections should not be dreaded by Chicago […]

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DIY Managers Lacking Effort


DIY Managers Put Neighborhoods at Risk Self-Service Property Management Causing Concern in Chicago Neighborhoods DIY property managers are struggling to […]

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Importance of Fall Maintenance


Real Property Management Chicago Edge in Chicago Reminds of the Importance of Performing Fall Maintenance The changing of the season […]

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  TENANT RESPONSIBILITIES UPON MOVE-OUT Tenants come, and tenants go. Real Property Management Chicago Edge strives for tenants to have […]

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  TENANT MOVE-IN CHECKLIST FROM CHICAGO RENTAL MANAGEMENT EXPERTS The professionals at Real Property Management Chicago Edge want to make […]

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Summer Property Maintenance Tips

Summer Property Maintenance Tips Preventative maintenance beats reactive maintenance any day of the week. Small, consistent investments in maintaining the […]

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Good Communication is Key

good communication

  Communication is Key: Tips on Effective Landlord-Tenant Communication Good communication is essential for any Chicago rental property business. Open […]

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Avoid Legal Pitfalls

    Avoid Legal Pitfalls With A Professional Chicago Property Management   Did you know a single legal issue can […]

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No More Tenant Turnovers


  Avoiding Tenant Turnover There is nothing like losing a tenant to kill your cash flow. Advertising, and maintenance work […]

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Trends In Real Estate


Top Five Real Estate Trends in Chicago Predicting trends is like predicting the weather, it is a tricky science and […]

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Risks of Neglecting Background Checks


Chicago Property Management Dangers: The Risks of Neglecting Background Checks As a Chicago Property Management Company committed to helping clients reduce risk, […]

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Renting vs Buying

renting vs buying

Chicago Property Management Finds that Rent is the New Buy The trending preference of renting vs buying is good news […]

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Tenant Communication

tenant communication

Tenant Communication HEY YOU! 7 WAYS TO HAVE BETTER TENANT COMMUNICATION. They say that you can’t over-communicate with someone.  In […]

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Summer Maintenance Tips

summer maintenece

  Rental Property Management in Chicago Keeps Things Cool By Performing Summer Preventative Maintenance We all love summer. The picnics, […]

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Pet Friendly Rental Property

pet friendly rental property

Is a Pet Friendly Rental Property Still a Good Investment?   Often landlords feel that their rental property values will […]

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Prepare Your Property for Fall

prepare your property for fall

  Chicago Property Managers Remind Owners and Tenants to Prepare Your Property for Fall As the cooler weather approaches, it’s […]

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Deleading Myths


5 Myths About Deleading In this blog, I discuss common myths/objections about deleading rental properties. It happens often enough that […]

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Tenant Safety


Tenant Safety Tips from Real Property Management Chicago Edge   The safety and security of tenants are a top priority […]

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